This Human Looks So Much Like His Dog, They Started Wearing Identical Outfits

Posted by Deepak Mamgain in Nature and Travel On 17th February 2017


When Rosenberg was a puppy, they didn’t seem to look alike very much. However, when he grew out of his pup stage, they started to have a lot more in common than being best buds. They started to look alike!


Brophy thought it was hilariously perfect how much they looked alike. He decided it would be great if he hired a dog stylist who could make the two of them look even more alike. They started doing their hair the same and buying identical outfits.


Pretty soon, the two of them looked like twins! True doppelgangers! People started to notice it on the street and they started taking photos to capture their “twinsy” moments together.



Their salt and pepper hair already matched perfectly, they both have gorgeous hazel eyes, they both have scruffy beards, and they sport the scruffy unkempt look at all times. Brophy feels like the transformation was natural.

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