Strange Nature Images That Show Our Planet Is Truly Bizarre

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 24th April 2018

#5 The colorful Danaxia Landform

Mineral deposits and red sandstone that have been present and shaped over several millions of years are responsible for these amazing rainbowed formations. It's truly an amazing sight to see.

#6 Living Rocks

These immobile creatures found in Chile might appear to be rocks but they are actually alive. These sea creatures are a source of food for the locals and are considered a delicacy. Idk about you but I think I would pass on eating them.

#7 The Mauritius Underwater Waterfall

When viewed from above, the southwestern tip of Mauritius Island appears to be home to a massive underwater waterfall but this is really just an illusion created by the sudden drop of the ocean floor. Sand is being dragged out into the deeper darker depths of the ocean which makes it appear as though the water is being pulled straight down into this "waterfall."

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