Photographer Tim Flach Captures Inspiring Portrays Of The World’s Most Endangered Species

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Nature and Travel On 10th January 2018

Golden Snub-Nose Monkey

Flach hopes that his readers will bear this question in mind when looking at his pictures, “To whom does the term ‘endangered’ really apply?”

Status: Endangered

Habitat: Central China

Polar Bear

According to Flach, We as humans are connected to animals through our origins.

Status: Vulnerable

Habitat: Arctic sea ice

Iberian Lynx

Flach said of the importance of conservation that these animals are needing right now.

Status: Endangered – only 404 left in the wild.

Habitat: Spain and Portugal


Pied Tamarin

A very rare picture photographed by Flach

Status: Endangered

Habitat: Brazilian rainforest

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