Here Are Some Of The Most Beautiful Spiders From Around The World

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Nature and Travel On 27th May 2018

Goldenrod Crab Spider

These spiders got their name because they can mostly be found on goldenrod flowers. They are able to change the colors of their bodies so that they can camouflage themselves among the flowers. The females of this species can spin webs, but they do not do it to catch prey. They spin their webs specifically for holding their eggs.

Spiny Orb Weaver

To be honest, there are many variations of this spider, and they are completely terrifying to see. This is one of the least scary-looking ones. Wikipedia says that they are mostly harmless to humans, so do not fret if you see one. They live on the edges of woodlands and can be found in Florida citrus groves.

Martinique Red Tree Spider

These are also called Pinktoe Spiders. They are Native to Martinique in the Caribbean Sea. They are a breed of tarantula that spends most of their time spinning funnel webs. There are other versions of this spider that are a bright blue on their carapace, but after some time, the color gets lighter and turns green. As in most species of animals and bugs, the males are a lot more colorful than the females of their kind.


Bird Dung Spider

At first glance, these are super grotesque-looking spiders. The right half of this photo is how they look under UV light, which makes them look a lot more appealing. They are built to camouflage themselves so they look like poop which makes them unattractive to potential predators. They can even emit a pheromone that is just like that of a female moth. A male moth will get a huge surprise when they fly towards the smell.

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